St Olave Hart Street and St Katharine Cree: Churches with London at Heart

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Sanctuary in the City

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The St James Mar Thoma Church UK, a Syrian Orthodox church, which is in communion with the Church of England, uses the church every Sunday of the year for worship by a large congregation drawn from London and the Home Counties.


There is an active Friends of St Katharine Cree Church organisation, which since 1999 has provided financial assistance for the fabric, notably for the recent organ and bells restorations. More importantly, the Friends are the link to St Katharine's for sympathetic groups, for example Aldgate Ward Club, The Lancastria Association, Mar Thoma Church, Lloyd’s Choir, etc, as well as to many individuals who are or have been associated with the church over the years.


Having been the headquarters of the Industrial Christian Fellowship from 1962-97 and in its present role as a Guild Church, St Katharine’s has a special responsibility to those who work in the offices in the vicinity. We believe that the working environment is as important a part of God’s world as any other and that this area of our lives can often be neglected by churches. In recognition of this future developments will explore and bring into being new ways and means for this ancient church to fulfil Christ’s Great Commission among the people of the Square Mile.



The organ case at Katharine's

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