St Olave Hart Street and St Katharine Cree: Churches with London at Heart

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Sanctuary in the City

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Contemporary Concerts

As well as having an ideal acoustic for classical music, St Olave’s also offers much as venue for 'unplugged' or lightly amplified music. The mediaeval architecture of the church, now enhanced by the modern lighting system installed at the end of 2010, provides a striking counterpoint to a number of contemporary styles.


In 2008 we hosted Concert for the Light, which featured a number of exciting contemporary musicians, such as Foy Vance, Steve Jones, Jules Maxwell and Frances Thorburn.


The success of this concert, which was well and enthusiastically attended, has encouraged us to plan more such events and details will be posted on our Events page.


If you are interested in finding out more, please contact


A contemporary music concert at St Olave's

photo Phil Manning

St O contemp concert